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Life Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions: What can I get?

The answer to this question is yes, absolutely. No matter your pre-existing condition, there is almost always a life insurance policy that will accept you.

Life insurance policies are approved and denied based on health questions. Some require a complete health history, paramedical exam, or a long list of questions about your health conditions .These policies are fully underwritten.

There are some policies that are guaranteed issue, meaning that no health questions are asked at all.

There are many many life insurance policies that are in between fully underwritten and guaranteed issue. The policies are going to ask you some limited health questions but still accept people with many serious pre-existing conditions. All the policies differ, and some will accept people with certain conditions while others don’t.

We have many clients that are scared that they will purchase a policy, they will pass away, and the insurance company won’t pay out because of their pre-existing condition. Life insurance companies are not allowed to do this; if you are honest with the company when applying they are going to out the benefit.

Below we are going to go over examples of 3 life insurance policies that accept people with pre-existing conditions. We use $25,000 as the benefit amount as this is the minimum amount of life insurance everyone needs in retirement.

If you want more than $25,000, the premium prices will increase. Some policies do not allow for more than a $25,000 life insurance benefit. In this case, we are able to stack multiple policies to get you the benefit amount desired.

There are many more life insurance policies than these 3, but you can use these to get an idea of what is out there. Regardless of your health, there will be a life insurance policy out there for you.

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