Robby Dilmore

Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy is LIVE Saturdays at 10am ET Automotive advice not by the Black Book, not by the Blue Book, but God's Book - The Bible. Get easy-to-understand advice relating to all your car needs from the Christian Car Guy, Robby Dilmore. From creaks to leaks, purchase or lease, the Christian Car Guy is your source for Biblical-based advice on all your automotive questions.

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Christian Car Guy – He Ain’t Heavy

Bob is in the studio with Robby and guess what Bob is wearing?  PLUS, the return of Christian Car Guy Theatre!

Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 48

River Rock Retaliation The Finally

Christian Car Guy – A Tribute To Vinnie

Robby and some friends look back fondly at their good and Godly friend, Vinnie,  who recently went to be with the Lord.  Vinnie was one of a kind!

I’ve got a secret place

Today Robby talkes about how we have secret places to connect with God and get things worked out..He took calls and listened to stories of secret places.

We got a Secret Place

Today Robby talked about how we have secret places to be close to God and reach out or listen to or anything you and God need to accomplish. He took calls and let listeners share their stories of Secret Places..

Stop and ask for Directions

Today Robby and Bill talk about the importance of asking God for directions, or for a clear path to take in every situation. They tell stories of their own prayers for direction. And it's name that noise day...You don't want to miss it.

Memories of Hitting the Road

The guys tell stories of road trips and took calls from listeners who had some interesting tails. Some of the stories had what seemed to be a little fluff, but fun anyway.

Crash and feel the burn

Today Robby and Bob tell stories of times they have crashed and felt the burn (outcome)..and how Jesus came to the rescue. Callers also told their stories of a life crash and Jesus' rescue. Hallelujah!!

The Antidote for Overwhelm

Gratitude is the right Attitude. Today Robby talked about how gratitude can change your whole situation. He shared a personal story of gratitude and he took calls with stories of gratitude.

Dismantling Dilemma

Darrin Koone sat in today for Robby and talked about how easy or difficult working on different models are..He took calls and just talked about restoring cars.

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