Family Policy Matters

Family Policy Matters
Started in 1999, Family Policy Matters is a 15-minute show featuring interviews with national, state, and local experts on a wide range of policy issues important to North Carolina families. Hosts are John L. Rustin, President of NC Family and Thomas Graham, Pastor Outreach Coordinator for NC Family.

The Latest

Family and The American Dream

Dr. Brad Wilcox on Family Policy Matters

A Gospel Lens to Engaging Culture

Trillia Newbell on Family Policy Matters

Biblical Principles for Political Engagement

David Closson and John Rustin on Family Policy Matters

Fighting the Sexualization of Children

Cathy Ruse on Family Policy Matters

Improving Father-Daughter Relationships

Dr. Linda Nielsen on Family Policy Matters

The Danger and Detachment of Surrogacy

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on Family Policy Matters

Analyzing School Choice Programs

Marty Lueken on Family Policy Matters

Redeeming “Impossible” Marriages

Leila Miller on Family Policy Matters

A Congressman’s Take on COVID-19

Congressman Greg Murphy on Family Policy Matters

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