Stu Epperson, Jr

Stu Epperson, Jr
Stu Epperson, Jr. is founder and president of The Truth Network, with radio stations across North Carolina, central Iowa, and Salt Lake City. Truth Network also develops and syndicates programs on over 300 affiliates nationwide. In his spare time Stu hosts Truth Talk Weekend, his own nationally syndicated show.

The Latest

His Life Was Changed by Christian Radio

Stu interviews Charlotte Radio legend Tom Gentry about how Christian Radio impacted his life.

Stay Healthy! Water or Toilet Paper?

Stu talks to Brock Agee of Le Bleu Water

Stu Talks to the “President”?

Stu chats with John C. Morgan about how he uses his impressions of Donald Trump and George Bush to spread the gospel.

Radios for Africa

Stu talks to the Trans World Radio team about their newest mission. Call Trans World Radio to support with a donation at 888-988-5656

Moving Through Tragedy with Faith

Stu and Randy Shepherd of Crossfire Ministries talk about coping with the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant through their faith.

Free Burma Rangers

Stu Interviews Tom Van Dyke about the new movie Free Burma Rangers, in theaters February 24th and 25th only. Learn more at

Washing Feet in the Name of Jesus

This week Stu talks with Manny Ohonme of Samaritan’s Feet about his incredible mission.

Is Retirement in the Bible?

Stu talks to special guest Joe Lineberry about what the Bible says on retirement.

Words of Hope in the Face of Tragedy

Stu talks with Coach Fred about finding hope amidst the tragic news of the passing of basketball icon Kobe Bryant.

Buried Alive for Jesus

Irish pastor John Edwards talks with Stu about how he's buried himself alive to spread the word of Christ.

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