Stu Epperson, Jr

Stu Epperson, Jr
Stu Epperson, Jr. is founder and president of The Truth Network, with radio stations across North Carolina, central Iowa, and Salt Lake City. Truth Network also develops and syndicates programs on over 300 affiliates nationwide. In his spare time Stu hosts Truth Talk Weekend, his own nationally syndicated show.

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Experience TRUTH – Episode #9

Stu & Robby continue their exploration of Luke 19: 1-10 and their discussion of Zacchaeus, the tax-collector in Jericho.

Experience TRUTH – Episode #8

Stu & Robby dive into Luke 19: 1-10, exploring Zacchaeus, the tax-collector in Jericho.

Leading a Church in Communist Russia

Stu sits down with , Pastor of Russian Bible Church in Central Moscow, Russia. Pastor Evgeny talks about finding joy amidst persecution and his passion to see a spiritual awakening in Russia.

A Journey Through John Calvin’s Geneva

Following in the Footsteps of a Great Reformer

Experience TRUTH – Episode #7

I Once Was Blind, But Now I See!

The 10/40 Window

Reaching the Lost with Matt Willis

Mobilizing the Saints!

Christ TOGETHER with Will Plitt

Experience TRUTH – Episode #6

Stu continues through the Book of Luke, diving into Luke 18: 35-43.

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