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Carolina Journal Radio No. 796: Legal scholars of varying philosophies support Kavanaugh

Legal scholars of all political stripes are assessing the relative merits of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Considering arguments from conservatives, libertarians, free-speech advocates, and fair-minded liberals, Jon Guze is inclined to support Kavanaugh’s nomination. Director of legal studies at the John Locke Foundation, Guze explains why assessments of experts from a range of political perspectives convince him that Kavanaugh would make a good addition to the nation’s highest court. Facebook has faced some major political blows in recent months. N.C. State University political scientist Andrew Taylor analyzes Facebook’s recent controversy and assesses its significance. Former UNC System President C.D. Spangler died recently at age 86. North Carolina’s senior U.S. senator, Richard Burr, honored Spangler with a speech in the U.S. Capitol. You’ll hear highlights from Burr’s remarks. One question drives much of the debate about college sports: Are big-time athletic programs compatible with universities’ core missions? UNC-Chapel Hill history professor Jay Smith answers no. He explained why during a recent presentation for the John Locke Foundation. Time magazine recently offered glowing praise to Georgia’s film incentive program. Jon Sanders, John Locke Foundation director of regulatory studies, says the Time article omitted key facts that would have painted a much different picture.

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