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Where are you Christmas?: The Generational Aspects of Long Term Care

Long Term care is not something that just you have to worry about. Your spouse, your children, your siblings, your nieces and nephews, and even your close friends might feel the impact of a long term care crisis. It is better to plan now to make it as easy as them as possible. The holidays, when everyone is together, could be the perfect time to at least start these conversations.


Hans and Robby discuss the intimate conversations we need to have with our family and friends surrounding long term care situations. It is very hard and a lot of people avoid these conversations entirely, which makes it a really difficult situation for everyone involved when it hits.


Robby tells a personal story about how having these intimate conversations with his father recently, while being hard, makes him feel closer to his father now. He also knows what his father’s wishes are and will be able to take care of him in the way he wants.


Hans then talks about all the options you have for long term care insurance, including hybrid long term care insurance.


Know what questions to ask this holiday and how to approach the conversation of long term care. Having this conversation can end up being the gift that keeps on giving when it is time to put a plan into action.

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