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IRA’s: Trusting The Hand of God

Robby is reading a book to his dad about lessons you can learn from sheepdogs. One of the main points the book makes is that the main way to communicate with sheepdogs is by hand signals, not verbal communication. Just like sheepdogs, you have to follow God’s signals as they come into your life.

Hans had a client come into his life when he was just starting Cardinal. Dr. Bob introduced Hans to Ed Slott, the IRA expert. While Hans thought he knew a good amount about IRAs, he learned so much by going through the Ed Slott training. He followed the signals God was giving him and it gave him a whole new way to look at IRAs, especially the tax bill that sometimes comes with IRAs.  

Hans and Robby talk about the 3 couples again this week.

First, the Pennsylvania couple, who wanted to contribute more to their Roth IRA to avoid taxes in retirement. Hans deteremed with the couple that they should not convert their other IRAs but should see if they have Roth options for their 401(k)s. With their IRA money, Hans basically helped them lay out 2 buckets of money to draw from in retirement.

Second, the Indiana couple, who used their IRA money to purchase an annuity which gave them not only income, but possible long-term care benefits as well as a death benefit. It is important to remember there are ways for people with health conditions with IRA savings to still get some protection from long-term care.

Lastly, Hans and Robby discuss QUDs and how you can charitably use your IRA to give back to the kingdom!

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