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Carolina Journal Radio No. 833: Two stories highlight ongoing incentives debate

Tax incentives are back in the headlines. Carolina Journal reports the rare story of a major aircraft industry company building operations in Winston-Salem without seeking any handouts from state local government. Meanwhile, S.C. legislators squabble over a multimillion-dollar incentives package designed to lure the Carolina Panthers business operations south of the state line. Rick Henderson, CJ editor-in-chief, analyzes the latest incentives news. North Carolina has made billions of dollars in promises to retired state workers. Those promises involve both pensions and health care. State Treasurer Dale Folwell focuses on the price of those promises. He’s warning policymakers about the importance of ensuring the state’s ability to keep those promises. Medicaid expansion dominates much of North Carolina’s current discussion of health care reform. But some leading state senators continue to object to the expansion proposal originally tied to the Affordable Care Act. You’ll hear their alternative plan for shoring up the existing Medicaid program. Members of the University of North Carolina System’s Board of Governors continue to raise questions about rising costs linked to tuition and fees. You’ll hear highlights from their most recent public discussion of the topic. Policymakers have been looking for ways to address North Carolina’s transportation needs as the gas tax becomes a less reliable funding source. Joseph Coletti, John Locke Foundation senior fellow, recently testified before a state Board of Transportation committee on tax principles to consider when modernizing transportation revenues. Coletti summarizes his key findings.

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