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Carolina Journal Radio No. 847: Alcohol regulation reforms take major step forward in North Carolina

Reform of North Carolina’s alcohol regulations has taken a major step forward this year. Gov. Roy Cooper has signed into law measures that ease restrictions on craft brewers and distillers. New laws also make other changes that reduce government barriers for consumers. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, assesses the recent legislative interest in reforming decades-old alcohol rules. President Trump is scheduled to head to Charlotte next year for the Republican National Convention. That didn’t stop Charlotte City Council from voting recently to condemn some of the president’s remarks, including criticism of four Democratic congresswomen known collectively as “the Squad.” You’ll hear highlights from the council’s debate, including criticism from Republican members who disagreed with their colleagues’ decision to insert themselves into national politics. N.C. lawmakers continue to tweak the way the state grades its public schools. You’ll hear highlights from a recent legislative discussion of reforms. Recent advances in genetic editing raise questions about how much freedom parents should have to choose their children’s traits. Jonathan Anomaly, philosophy professor at the University of San Diego, discussed that issue during a recent lecture at Duke. Anomaly explained how interference with the natural range of genetic traits could lead to unintended negative consequences. North Carolina’s Innovative School District has seen recent leadership changes. Lawmakers also continue to tinker with the rules governing how struggling public schools should qualify for inclusion in the ISD. Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation vice president for research and resident scholar, analyzes recent developments with the special district designed to help turn around the state’s most challenging schools.

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