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LGBTQ Training in Highschool

LGBTQ Training in Highschool

LGBTQ Training in Highschool

LGBTQ/Social Justice Training in High School

There has been social justice and LGBTQ training in high school and starting as early as kindergarten. Trekking the long rabbit trail and doing extensive research into the Social Justice Standard is Dr. Leonard Goenaga.

Moreover, Dr. Goenaga reports that the curriculum being used is the “Social Justice Standard”. This curriculum has four separate anchors: Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action. The curriculum is taught K-12 and can be implemented in any subject. This, more or less, is an invasion of privacy. Mandating a “Diversity Inventory” that asks questions about race, sexuality, and religion is ridiculous. This LGBTQ training is not only in high-school but starting as children enter school!

Additionally, this isn’t a Biblical issue that is being brought up. In fact, it’s an issue of legality. The federal law protects the privacy of minors. However, a parent also has the right to see the school’s policy and the curriculum being used. Pam and Rob James, parents of a student who has been through the “diversity inventory”, join to discuss the issues they’ve faced.

Finally, if you want to learn more in-depth about LGBTQ training in highschool, check out Dr. Leonard Goenaga’s article here – www.ncvalues.org/social_justice


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