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Evolution: Fact or Fiction

Evolution: Fact or Fiction (1914)

Christians believe in special creation, the fact that God created man in His own image, as evident in the Book of Genesis.

However, there is another school of thought that contradicts this belief: the theory of Evolution. It is the theory that we are simply creatures of accident; that men have evolved from a speck of protoplasm and green algae—first as a worm, then as a fish, an amphibian, a reptile, a bird, a mammal, and then finally we evolved into man.

The equation of evolution goes as followed: Nothing + Time + Chance = Everything. It’s a fairytale for adults, a philosophy that poses as scientific fact.

There are three reasons to reject evolution:

1. Logic. Evolutionists have no explanation for the origin of life or the fixity of species. They cannot explain how certain properties exist that have nothing to do with the survival of the fittest. Where does music come from? Love? The evolutionist has no answer.
2. Morality. If there is no God, if man is an accident, there can be no Ten Commandments, therefore no fixed standard of right and wrong. Adrian Rogers explains the danger of discrediting morality for the sake of evolution: “When we teach our children that they’ve come from animals, they will begin to live and act like animals.”
3. Theology. If evolution is true, there was no Garden of Eden, there was no original sin, no depravity. And then man, as Adrian Rogers says, “doesn’t need a birth from above; he just needs a boost from below.”
There’s something wicked behind this whole idea of evolution. Aldous Huxley, acclaimed evolutionist, states his own bias against creationism: “I had motives for not wanting the world to have a meaning…” Which translates to: “I chose evolution to shut the mouths of those who believe in special creation.”

But you are not an accident. You are a special creation, made in the image of God. And you are precious to Him. May we become the people we were created to be.

Apply it to your life
Evolution is not a fact. It is a man-made philosophy to justify rebellion against the Creator of the Universe. Reject this ideology today, and chose instead to thank God that you have been beautifully and wonderfully made in His image.

Adrian Rogershttps://www.lwf.org/
Profound Truth. Simply Stated. Pastor, Teacher, and Author Adrian Rogers has introduced people all over the world to the love of Jesus Christ, and has impacted untold numbers of lives by presenting profound biblical truth with such simplicity that a 5 year-old can understand it, and yet, it still speaks to the heart of the 50 year-old. Love Worth Finding was started in 1987 as the broadcast ministry of Adrian Rogers and remains the exclusive provider of his comprehensive teachings today.
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