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Carolina Journal Radio No. 863: Candidates flock to wide-open N.C. lieutenant governor’s race

The open 2020 N.C. lieutenant governor’s race is drawing a crowded field of candidates, including one Republican who plans to vacate his current job on the Council of State. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, analyzes recent developments in the race for lieutenant governor. Henderson also explains how Mark Johnson’s decision to run for lieutenant governor will open up competition for the statewide job of superintendent of public instruction. The current lineup of the U.S. Supreme Court has started its second year of hearing cases together. Daniel Gibson, an attorney with the Stam law firm, assesses the high court’s first term with newest Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Gibson discusses key trends that could offer clues about decisions justices will render between now and June 2020. The 2016 election cycle helped spark discussion of a new term: “fake news.” During a recent event at Davidson College, longtime conservative pundit Bill Kristol and Axios co-founder Mike Allen discussed continuing concerns about the media’s reliability as the 2020 campaign approaches. The head of N.C. Emergency Management recently headed to Capitol Hill to share ideas with Congress about improving the federal government’s disaster relief programs. But Mike Sprayberry also faced some pointed questions from an Alabama congressman about the slow pace of North Carolina’s federal hurricane relief spending. You’ll hear highlights from their exchange. Some Democratic presidential candidates have rallied around the idea of raising taxes on the rich. Joseph Coletti, John Locke Foundation senior fellow, discusses their plans. Coletti also assesses the latest efforts from local governments to tax soda.

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