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Raising Young Champions

Raising Young Champions (1501)
Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he should not depart from it.”

There is a difference in teaching a child and training a child. Many of us only teach our children and find that they continue to go their own way. But the dictionary definition of to train is “To prepare for a contest; to form to a proper shape; to discipline for use.”

We are to train up our children to be champions for Jesus Christ. If you’re going to raise a young champion, it commences with childhood.

Start out early. Begin praying fervently over them before they are born. Dedicate them to the Lord while they are still in the womb. Teach them Scripture before they can walk.

Secondly, it communicates with creativity. You will never force-feed a child God’s Word. Create in them a hunger for it by creatively teaching the Word of God. Find the lesson in everything, as Jesus did with His disciples. Raising children to know Scripture doesn’t have to be dull. There can be Christian books, games, music, shows in your home. Surround your child with lessons that are exciting to learn.

Thirdly, it corrects with consistency. Every child needs to be given limits. These limits will be tested, because there is a predisposition in any child to push back against them. And if that limitation you’ve set up moves, the child will have no security. There must be consistent correction.

Adrian Rogers says, “If you withhold correction from your child, you’re making him a candidate for eternal punishment.

Lastly, it consummates with conversion. The ultimate goal is to help your child have something that will last him all of his life: a relationship with Jesus. As soon as your child can comprehend the concept of sin, your child is ready to learn about Jesus Christ.

Guide little children that they might come to know Jesus Christ. That is the ultimate goal of raising young champions.

Apply it to your life
You want a champion for the Lord Jesus Christ? Bring him up with training that commences at childhood, communicates with creativity, corrects with consistency, and consummates in conversion. Pray for guidance from the Lord. Know the Word of God like the back of your hand, so that you might teach it well.

Adrian Rogers
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