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How to Find Peace in the Midst of Your Storm

How to Find Peace in the Midst of Your Storm (2158)
Are you in the midst of a storm? Remember the promises of God! Take heart; He has overcome the world, and He is walking on the water, headed straight for you.

Sermon Overview
Scripture Passage: John 6:16-21

John 6:16-21 tells the story of Jesus walking on the water to his disciples’ boat in the midst of a treacherous storm. Sooner or later, you are going to find yourself in a storm—not like the storm depicted in this passage; rather, one far more terrifying.

Things could be going fine, then suddenly you could get a life-changing phone call, or face a shocking diagnosis. How can we find peace in the midst of the storm?

We remember what God has promised to us now, in the stillness.

Peace is not the subtraction of problems from life. Peace is the addition of power to meet those problems; the power being the promises of God.

“I am governed by His providence.” In this story, the storm did not take Jesus by surprise. When difficulty comes, remember God’s providence is over it all.

“I am growing by His plan.” God’s plan is not to indulge you; it is to enlarge you. If you are in a storm, it is your privilege to grow and become more like Jesus Christ.

“I am graced by His prayers.” Did you know that He sees you right now? He is not far away. He sees right through the dark, sees you in the storm, and He praysfor you.

“I am gladdened by His presence.” Sometimes, God waits upon you to wait on Him; but just know… He is coming.

“I am guarded by His power.” Adrian Rogers says, “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep you.”

“I am guided by His purpose.” God has not promised smooth sailing, but He has promised you a safe landing. Your destiny is already determined. He will see you to the shore.

South African minister Andrew Murray once said, “God is willing to assume full responsibility for the life that is totally yielded to Him.” Jesus said, “In this world you’ll have tribulation. But take heart! I’ve overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

In the midst of your storm, see Jesus, the great I AM, walking on the water, straight to you.

Apply it to your life
Are you in the midst of a storm? Remember the promises of God! Take heart; He has overcome the world, and He is walking on the water, headed straight for you.

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