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How to Gain and Celebrate Victory

How to Gain and Celebrate Victory (2355)

Revelation 15 and 16 tells of the coming tribulation in the End Times. However, it also speaks of the coming victory for those who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ. How do we gain and celebrate this victory now?

First, we must stand upon the solid Word of God. Victory comes by putting Word of God in our mouths: quoting Scripture, speaking of God’s loving instruction. We must meditate on the Word of God day and night, and obey it. Adrian Rogers says, “It is obeying the Word of God that begins to make the Bible burst aflame.”

Secondly, we must sing of the redeeming Works of God. All throughout the Bible, we can find songs of victory recited by those who watched God work on their behalf. So, we know the way to celebrate the Lord Jesus is to sing of His works. “It is praise that precedes every victory. It is praise that follows every victory,” says Adrian Rogers.

Finally, we must understand that the secret to our victory is the wrath of God. Apart from the righteous judgment of God, there can be no ultimate victory. Sin must be dealt with.

The only question is: who will bear the punishment? As Adrian Rogers says, “Your sins will be pardoned in Christ or punished in Hell, but they will never be overlooked.”

Revelation gives us a glimpse of how the wrath of God will pour out during the Great Tribulation. There will be erupting flames of fire and judgment. Sinners will refuse to repent. Spirits of demons that are working in the hearts and minds of the national leaders of this world. Earthquakes will ensue. Chaos will wreak havoc.

But if we trust in Jesus now, we have victory, by the Word of God, the works of God, and the ensuing wrath of God. The only way to gain and celebrate this victory is to call Him Lord of your life.

Apply it to your life
The only way to gain and celebrate this victory is if we call Jesus Lord. Do you serve Him, and worship Him? Meditate on Scripture today. Sing praises to God.

Adrian Rogers
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