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Carolina Journal Radio No. 877: Carolina Journal breaks story of N.C. DOT circus train

Carolina Journal recently broke the news that the N.C. Department of Transportation had purchased a former circus train and parked its cars in a wooded area near Spring Hope in Nash County. The CJ story stirred up interest in the transaction among lawmakers who oversee the DOT. It’s just the latest example of the impact of CJ’s work. Editor-in-chief Rick Henderson discusses the circus train story. He also highlights the N.C. Press Association’s recent recognition of CJ’s outstanding achievements. NCPA presented seven awards to Carolina Journal writers and editors at an annual banquet. Any person who has been to college, is planning to go to college, or is helping a child prepare for college has some familiarity with the stress linked to admissions tests, predominantly the SAT and ACT. Tyler Bonin, high school teacher at Thales Academy and education fellow at Young Voices, argues those tests are more than stressful. He says they can distract from meaningful education. Bonin shares his concerns and discusses potential alternatives to the current testing regime. A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling against North Carolina is changing the way the state Revenue Department addresses taxing trusts. State lawmakers recently reviewed the options under consideration as the Revenue Department changes course. The U.S. attorney based in Raleigh recently took some local sheriffs to task for their decisions not to cooperate with federal immigration agents. In a news conference, Robert Higdon discussed the implications of sheriff’s unwillingness to honor federal immigration detainers. The N.C. General Assembly expects significant turnover in membership after this election year. Many lawmakers are retiring from office or leaving their current posts to seek other elected offices. Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation senior vice president, discusses the potential impact of that turnover on legislative priorities and cohesion. Gray also looks forward to the new legislative session that starts in late April.

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