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Carolina Journal Radio No. 878: Voters’ Super Tuesday choices set stage for November elections

Joe Biden’s win in the Democratic presidential primary topped the headlines, but voters made other significant choices in North Carolina’s March 3 election. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, analyzes key primary results. He looks ahead at the potential impact for the general election in November. Government rules can have a major impact on the food we eat. Sometimes those rules stand in the way of local entrepreneurs. Donald Bryson, president and CEO of the Civitas Institute, discusses the harmful impact of overly burdensome regulations. He makes the case for “freedom of the fork.” State lawmakers continue to look for ways to increase safety in North Carolina’s public schools. At least one legislator is raising concerns about schools failing to follow common-sense safety measures already supported by state law. Rep. Keith Kidwell, R-Beaufort, shared his firsthand school safety assessments with colleagues during a recent meeting. The 2020 election campaign has brought major political players to the Tar Heel State. Former Republican presidential contender and current U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas led a recent campaign rally in Raleigh. Cruz contrasted conservative and liberal approaches to political and policy debates. Few people know much about the costs associated with health care. A Greenville surgeon is trying to make the process more transparent by offering cash-based services. Julie Havlak, Carolina Journal associate editor, reports on that surgeon’s story. She discusses reaction among other health care providers, including hospitals.

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