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Carolina Journal Radio No. 882: COVID-19 pandemic prompts questions about government restrictions

As governments across North Carolina and the United States enact new restrictions to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, some observers are asking questions and urging caution. John Locke Foundation CEO Amy Cooke discusses the tension between government’s efforts to address a health pandemic and the freedom of action required in a society with a limited, constitutional government. Restaurants and hotels are among the businesses hit hard by government shutdowns linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lynn Minges, president and CEO of the N.C. Restaurant and Lodging Association, assessed the shutdowns’ impact on the hospitality industry during a recent conversation with the John Locke Foundation. Minges also discussed creative ways some restaurants and hotels are responding to changes in their business models. School closings across North Carolina have affected all parents of school-age kids, including State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson. Johnson discusses how his daughter’s classroom teacher responded in the early days of the school closing. Johnson also offers recommendations for parents looking into ways to help keep their children on track while school buildings remain shut down. Before he tested positive for COVID-19, State Treasurer Dale Folwell already was thinking about the impact of surprise medical billing for North Carolinians. Folwell pointed out the negative impact of surprise billing during a one-on-one conversation with Carolina Journal Radio. The federal government has committed more than $2 trillion in a series of relief packages related to COVID-19. Joseph Coletti, John Locke Foundation senior fellow, examines the potential impact of those packages. Coletti warns about the potential negative impact of driving the federal government deeper into debt.

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