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How to Turn Problems into Possibilities

How to Turn Problems into Possibilities (1243)
Being a Christian means seeing opportunities in every difficulty. In Acts 6, the early church was experiencing some growing pains. By understanding how they dealt with their difficulties, we can learn how to turn our problems into possibilities.

We know what it’s like to experience growing pains, physically, mentally and spiritually. With that understanding, there are four things to keep in mind when our churches undergo this grueling process of maturity.

First, remember that where there is life, there is growth. If your church is growing, it is important to remember this is a good thing. Anything that grows has pains. Growth is not easy or automatic. We have to plan, pray and work for it; we have to cultivate and water something if we want it to grow. Even still, it is God alone who gives growth. Churches can be big or small, each one unique and designed to maintain different capacities. No matter what size the church may be, if it is surrounded by lost people and still not growing, there’s something wrong. Our mission is to reach souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. If we’re not reaching them, we’re not doing what we were told to do.

Where there is growth, there are problems. Anything that moves makes friction. However, many times, churches divide moreover incidentals than fundamental things. Adrian Rogers says, “When God sets out to multiply, the devil sets out to divide.”

Where there are problems, there are solutions. A mature Christian is going to be deeply spiritual and intensely practical. In Acts 6, there was murmuring over neglected widows in the congregation. So, God demonstrated His practical love through the church leaders as they, themselves, waited tables for widows. These high-powered spiritual men were willing to minister in the small and mundane things. As a result, the church began to grow and the murmuring stopped.

Where there are God-give solutions, there is even greater growth. It seems that every time the devil attacked this early church, their problems simply became springboards for greater possibilities. Adrian Rogers says, “All hell can’t stop a church that’ll keep its eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Thank God for a growing church!

Apply it to your life
Are you or your church experiencing some growing pains? Embrace it; turn your problems into possibilities for growth. Acknowledge the issues and pray for God-given solutions.

Adrian Rogers
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