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Who’s your big?

just ask Jordan and Kobe and ESPN’s Last Dance. Tru Commentary with Stu Epperson author of the book Last Words of Jesus. It’s one of the highest rated shows on TV It’s the Last Dance on ESPN showcasing the Bulls final championship year. And one thing that stands out is the past the greatest player arguably in the history of basketball Michael Jordan and the future Kobe Bryant if you talk to both of them Jordan says Kobe was like my little brother Kobe says Jordan was like my big brother. Jesus called it discipleship. As Christians, we should be looking for people to look up to and looking for people to pour into. Do you have a big brother do you have a little sister? We can learn a lot from Kobe and Michael. Who’s great today because you poured in their life yesterday? Go find a big brother go find a little brother and make a difference in someone’s life! Tru Commentary with Stu Epperson, author of the book Last words of Jesus available now in bookstores learn more at LastWordsofJesus.com.

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