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How to Turn Your Problems into Possibilities

How to Turn Your Problems into Possibilities (0527)

God wants us to see our problems as possibilities, and our adversaries as opportunities. Whether we, as individuals or as a church, are trying to turn a problem into possibilities, the Book of Nehemiah shows us that God has wonderful plans for us.

There are three basic steps we must take in order to do anything glorious in the name of Jesus.

The first thing we must do is visualize. Nehemiah received the news of the city of Jerusalem’s fallen walls. Walls in the Bible had a symbolic meaning. They spoke of glory, salvation and the protection of God over his people; and these walls had fallen. These walls are also symbolic to us. We, too, are called to rebuild walls that have fallen: walls of national security, of the family, of decency, of our educational system and of doctrine.

The second step is to agonize. In Nehemiah 1:4, Nehemiah prayed a prayer of contrition. He wept over the condition of the city. Adrian Rogers says, “Society has forgotten how to blush, and the church has forgotten how to weep.”

He prayed a prayer of confession. Nehemiah understood that if he didn’t repent, he would remain part of the problem, not the solution.
It was also a prayer of confidence. Real prayer is rooted in the promises from the Word of God.
Finally, it was a prayer of commitment. Nehemiah had a great job in a great disposition, however, when God burdened him over the city of Jerusalem, he decided to get involved.
The final step is to organize. When God began to move in Nehemiah’s heart, Nehemiah asked for the king’s permission to return to his homeland, as well as for protection and provision to rebuild.

We, as a church or as individuals, must be bold to ask the King of kings for permission, protection and provision as we rebuild the walls of our conviction. It’s only then we will turn our problems into possibilities.

Apply it to your life
Visualize until God gives you a burden; agonize until you know that you’ve confessed your sins and made a commitment; then organize and get to work. Ask God for His permission, provision and protection.

Adrian Rogers
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