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In Nehemiah 2, Nehemiah is commissioned by God to rebuild the fallen walls of Jerusalem that had left the people of God without defense. In this passage, there are six principles Nehemiah practiced in building the walls. We can apply these principles as we rise and build the fallen walls in our lives.

The first thing Nehemiah did was fix his focus. Nehemiah had a mandate from God. He fasted, prayed, and wept, and God revealed to him what to do. In the same way, God has a purpose for our lives and our goal and aim should point toward that purpose.

Second, Nehemiah found the facts. Nehemiah saw for himself that God’s work in Jerusalem was in ruins. In finding the facts, he was able to calculate what it would take to rebuild.

Then he formed a fellowship. Nehemiah knew that there is strength in numbers and in unity; he knew he could not do by himself. Though God called him to lead, he said, “Come, let us do it together.” (v. 17)

After this, Nehemiah fortified his faith. Human nature fears the new. Whenever anyone suggests doing something great and noble, there’s always a sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs that maybe it cannot be done. Christians, let us not forget: God is leading, and if God’s good hand is upon us, it can be done. God is the one who opens doors that no one can shut. But remember: God only opens doors for people who want to go through them.

Next, Nehemiah faced his foe. Adrian Rogers says, “The door to the room of opportunity swings on the hinges of opposition.” When we come to an open door, we will have adversaries. But if God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom. 8:31)

Lastly, Nehemiah fulfilled his function. Reconstruction begins in Nehemiah 3. What a wonderful thing it was as each man found his place along the wall and fulfilled his function. Each person had a part in the work. Each person had a job to do.

But notice: these builders began construction near his own house. Let this be a reminder to begin at home, in our own hearts.

Apply it to your life
Are there fallen spiritual walls in your life? Let us arise and build! Start in your own heart, in your own life.

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