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How to Pray for America

How to Pray for America (2482)

America is at a crossroads of morality and spirituality and we cannot afford to take it lightly. Our nation has been taken captive by the world, the flesh, and the devil. In times of crisis, we remember that our greatest resource is prayer, and our only hope for this country is God. We must understand how to pray for America because only prayer can hold back the judgment of God.

In the Book of Daniel, God’s people had been taken captive by the Babylonians. In chapter 9, we find a very specific prayer from Daniel for his nation, asking God for deliverance.

It was a prayer with serious concentration.

Daniel 9:3 says, “And I set my face, unto the Lord God.” It is not the length, eloquence or frequency, but the faith and fervency of our prayers that reach the ears of the Lord. If you want to strengthen your prayer life, consider fasting. In the Bible, God always links fasting with spiritual activities. We should be careful to fast for the right reasons, not for our own glory. If you feel called to fast, first examine your motivation and avoid extremism. Pray for God’s guidance; be wise about when you fast and for how long.

Daniel also prayed with steadfast confidence.

Adrian Rogers says, “It is impossible to see the greatness of God and the mercies of God and not pray with confidence. Face your problem, but focus on your God.”

Daniel also prayed with sincere confession. He confessed his personal sin, but also asked God for forgiveness on his nation’s behalf. Likewise, we should confess the sins of America to God: our greed and materialism, our neglect of the poor, our racism. We should ask God’s forgiveness for our nation’s sexual immorality, for killing the unborn, for the humanism we’ve allowed to infiltrate our schools. We must identify ourselves with our nation, and confess on its behalf.

Lastly, Daniel prayed with spiritual concern.

In chapter 9, Daniel asked for the removal of guilt, and the restoration of glory. The concern of our prayers for America ought to be for a revival, not simply for America’s sake, but for the glory of God.

Apply it to your life
There’s no time for finger-pointing; it’s time for personal repentance and national confession; pray for America.

Adrian Rogers
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