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Carolina Journal Radio No. 898: Public school uncertainty prompts interest in alternatives

Uncertainty about the 2020-21 academic year in N.C. public schools is sparking renewed interest in educational alternatives. The N.C. Senate’s Republican leader recently used unease about public school schedules as a reason to promote the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Those scholarships help low-income families send their children to private schools. Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation vice president for research and director of education studies, assesses the current climate for school choice in North Carolina. Speaking of school choice, the U.S. Supreme Court recently delivered a victory for advocates of education options. Mike Long, president of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, discusses the Espinoza case and its potential impact for this state. Count U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., among those interested in federal action to promote police reform. You’ll hear highlights from Tillis’ recent Capitol Hill interchange with the head of the Center for Policing Equity. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives, including agricultural markets and government ag policy. Daren Bakst, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, recently analyzed COVID-19’s impact on farms and farm-related business during an online presentation for the John Locke Foundation. In the latest edition of “Locker Room Talk,” Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai explain how HBO’s new version of the “Perry Mason” story helps make a case against overly burdensome occupational licensing restrictions.

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