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Turning the Rat Race into a Pilgrimage

As Christians, we have the chance to put joy, zest and dignity into the most mundane jobs. God can turn our Monday mornings into a thing of beauty and joy.

There are three principles to draw from Ephesians 6:5-8 as we begin turning the rat race into a pilgrimage.

We need to see our jobs as an opportunity and be grateful. There are three wrong ways to look at work: a necessary evil, a cruel master or a god itself. But when we see it for what it truly is, which is a gift from God, we will begin to feel grateful for it.
We need to see our jobs as a responsibility and be helpful. When we work, we join a partnership with God, even in the secular workforce. We can draw parallels from Jeremiah 29, where God instructs Israel, captives of Babylon, to, “Get into the work world and seek the welfare of Babylon, where I have carried you.” (v. 4) Your job is a part of a greater plan; we must be helpful to others.
We need to see our jobs as a ministry and be faithful. Our jobs are our greatest ministry opportunity. We serve God full time wherever we work and no matter how mundane the job might be. Ephesians 6:6 tell us, “Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men.”
Adrian Rogers says, “We’ve been saved out of the world, sent back into the world to witness to the world, and that’s the only business in the world we have until we’re taken out of the world when Jesus comes. We’re in this world, but not of this world. And Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, ‘You are the light of the world’.”

Apply it to your life
Understanding that we are not called to a rat race, but a pilgrimage, there four things to remember when you go to work tomorrow:

Don’t brag; do away with self-righteousness. Your light is to glow, not to glare.
Don’t nag; no one has ever been talked down into a relationship with Jesus.
Don’t lag; carry your part of the load… in fact, work harder than anybody else.
Don’t sag; uphold your Christian faith in the workplace.

Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogershttps://www.lwf.org/
Profound Truth. Simply Stated. Pastor, Teacher, and Author Adrian Rogers has introduced people all over the world to the love of Jesus Christ, and has impacted untold numbers of lives by presenting profound biblical truth with such simplicity that a 5 year-old can understand it, and yet, it still speaks to the heart of the 50 year-old. Love Worth Finding was started in 1987 as the broadcast ministry of Adrian Rogers and remains the exclusive provider of his comprehensive teachings today.
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