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It’s Time for You to Get a Life

The Book of Ecclesiastes is the journal of King Solomon. It is a record of some of the perplexities he had, as well as some of the mistakes he made. There are three themes from this book when considering the beauty of this life we get to live.

First, this book reveals the complex mysteries of life.

God does not want life to make sense to us. God, in His infinite wisdom, makes life a mystery to draw us to Him. God put eternity in our hearts; He gave us a desire to see life from an eternal perspective. The answer to life’s mystery is not in nature, history, or science. The answer is that apart from God, wisdom, wealth and work are all meaningless.

Ecclesiastes also addresses the challenging adventure of life.

In spite of its mystery, God urges us to live with enthusiasm and joy. We cannot let our problems make cynics out of us. There are going to be some hard times; we would be foolish to not enjoy the good times. Adrian Rogers says, “Since God is good, we should live joyfully. Since God is sovereign, we should live confidently. And since God is holy, live life reverently.”

Finally, this book reveals that life is a comprehensive test.

Everything is going to come to judgment. Because of this, we must learn to rejoice. Adrian Rogers says, “God’s laws do not restrict us; they liberate us.” We must learn, also, to rest and remember; to honor, to obey, to serve God in every season.

Everything that King Solomon wrote is by divine inspiration. But we know some things he didn’t know because we have the New Testament. We have an understanding that even Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, did not have before he died, primarily, the answer to the age-old question: What is life all about?

Glory to God, we know that Jesus said, “I’ve come that you might have life, and that you might have it abundantly.”(John 10:10)

Life is about Jesus and only Jesus. Apart from Him, everything is meaningless.

Apply it to your life
Life is a complex mystery and a challenging adventure. In order to pass the comprehensive tests of life, we must learn to rejoice in every season, to rest in God’s grace and goodness, and to remember Him.

Adrian Rogers
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