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A New Kind of Family

In today’s Sunday morning message, Pastor Greg Laurie explains how Jesus assembled “A New Kind of Family” in Mark 3. When Jesus called His disciples, He brought them together with ties that went deeper than any other relation.

Grab your Bible and learn how you can be part of God’s family. It’s the newest message from the series, The Gospel for Busy People.


Jesus had a family too.

  • Read: Mark 3:20–21

The hardest people to reach with the gospel are those closest to you.

  • Read: Mark 3:31–34

When we become Christians, we are placed in a new family.

Jesus now establishes His new family of disciples.

  • Read: Mark 3:16–19

    1. Simon Peter

    No other person speaks as often or is spoken to as often as Simon.

    2. Andrew (Simon’s brother)

    Andrew was actually the first of the disciples to be called.

    Andrew was always introducing people to Jesus!

    3. James and John

    They were known as the Sons of Thunder.

    They could be ambitious and horribly insensitive.

    4. Thomas

    5. Judas Iscariot

    Greed ultimately destroyed him.

    Judas is a textbook case of the classic hypocrite.

    Scriptures Referenced

    • Luke 2:52
    • Matthew 19:27
    • John 1:41–42
    • Matthew 10:3–4
    • John 12:6

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    Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California and ... You've got questions; A New Beginning has biblical answers.
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