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Live Like a King in Victory

Sermon Overview
Scripture Passage: 1 Samuel 17:3-11

The story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 teaches us how to deal with the problems in our lives. Some of us live in quiet desperation, intimidated by our “giants.” But God’s plan for His children is to live like kings and queens in victory.

In this passage, Goliath of Gath represents the vicious enemy behind our problems: the devil. Everything, from his measure, might, manner, and motive, mimic Satan’s testing, trying, sifting, and fighting the people of God.

The encounter in this passage was a vicarious prefiguring of Jesus Christ and Satan. 1 Samuel 17:8 says, “…Choose a man for yourselves, and let him come down to me.” David fought on behalf of the entire army, just as Jesus Christ was crucified on our behalf. David defeated Goliath, just as Jesus defeated Satan.

The story of David and Goliath is also a victorious example of God’s power. As Jesus fought that battle against sin so long ago, there is a continuing battle. In one sense, it’s already won; yet in another sense, it needs to be fought day by day.

There are three principles to remember in order to live like kings and queens in victory.

First, there is a principle of persistence. Battles can only be won by those who are persistent. Filled with a divine purpose, David remained persistent in it in spite of others’ dismay, disdain, and discouragement.

Second, there’s a principle of progression. We must learn how to handle the small things before we could ever be trusted with big things. Before David fought Goliath, he fought a lion and a bear. He was simply elevating from victory to victory. Adrian Rogers says, “The reason some of us are not winning our big battles is because we’re losing our little battles.” We have to be faithful where we are, with the least we have, in order to prepare for much more.

Finally, there’s a principle of power. David was only able to take down Goliath because of the power of God within him. He had the right method and served the right master with the right motive.

If we want to live in victory, we must reduce our aim to one thing: that Jesus be glorified.

Apply it to your life
Do you know your purpose? Are you committed to progress — being faithful in the small things? Are you filled with the power of the Holy Spirit?

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