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Carolina Journal Radio No. 921: Chief Justice Newby takes over as top N.C. court official

After a month of uncertainty, Republican Paul Newby emerged as the eventual winner of the N.C. Supreme Court chief justice’s election, unseating incumbent Democrat Cheri Beasley. Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, assesses Newby’s likely impact as the leader of the state’s highest court and top officer in North Carolina’s judicial branch. American history has faced attacks in recent years. But a textbook titled Land of Hope aims to renew interest in the traditional story of American greatness. Author Wilfred McClay, professor in the history of liberty at the University of Oklahoma, explains why he decided to set his scholarly work aside and focus instead on a book for a school-age audience. COVID-19 will continue to present challenges for the University of North Carolina System throughout the rest of the academic year. UNC President Peter Hans delivered a recent status report on plans for conducting spring semester classes at campuses across the state. Voters selected Catherine Truitt as North Carolina’s new superintendent of public instruction. During a recent online forum for the John Locke Foundation, Truitt discussed her priorities. At the top of the list: helping public schools cope with the disruption linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Voters also placed another new face on the statewide elected Council of State: Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson. Having worked with Dobson during his days as a state legislator, Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation senior vice president, discusses his approach to his new role. Gray also outlines some of Dobson’s top priorities, including protection of the state’s right-to-work status.

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