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How to Be the Child of a Happy Mother

Sermon Overview
Scripture Passage: Exodus 20:12
Adrian Rogers says, “The closest thing to God’s love is the love of a mother.”

Exodus 20:12 says, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

Following God’s command to honor our parents is how we can be children of happy mothers.

We first do this by obeying our parents when we are young. Disobedience is a grave sin. It is not a weakness; it is wickedness. Disobedience invites the sure judgment of God. On the contrary, obedience invites the blessings of God. The secret to a long life and prosperity is learning to honor our fathers and mothers. Through obedience, we learn character and self-control; we receive God’s blessing and protection.

Second, we should care for our parents when they are old. In our society, people sometimes fail to care for their older parents. We must remember that our parents loved us in spite of our faults; we must love them in spite of their faults.

Third, we should honor our parents at all times. We do that first by showing respect, no matter what. We also show honor when we express gratefulness. As children, our gratitude blesses our parents more than we could ever know.

Fourth, we honor our parents when we listen to their counsel. Our parents have the advantage of being further down the road of life than us. How wise we would be to listen to the ones who love us and have our best interests in mind.

We can live a life that brings honor to them. Children are an extension of their parents; when parents see their children doing something godly and worthy, it gives them joy.

Last of all, we must show our parents love, remembering what we owe them. They gave us life. Their blood flows through our veins.

And as the Bible says that we’re to honor our parents, think of how much more that applies to our Heavenly Father! When we show respect, express gratitude, give heed to His counsel, and live lives that honor Him, we become children of a happy Father.

Apply it to your life
Do you obey and honor our Heavenly Father, showing respect, gratitude, and love? If your parents are living, show love and respect today. If your parents have passed, give them honor and thank God for their memory.

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