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The Refreshing Power of the Word of God | Sunday Message

For believers, there is no greater authority and foundation than the Bible. And in this Sunday message, Pastor Greg Laurie informs us that our spiritual success depends on how we regularly get into the Word of God. Get biblical encouragement from Psalm 19 in this final message in the Refresh series.


Don’t build your life on fickle emotions; build your life on Christ and God’s Word.

As we read, study, memorize, and obey Scripture, it refreshes us.

The word convert means, “to revive, restore, and transform.”

Success or failure in the Christian life depends on how much of God’s Word you get into your life on a regular basis, and how obedient you are to it.

A growing believer will delight in and love the Word of God.

Hungry Christians are healthy Christians.

The Word of God is perfect.

“His mercies are new every morning.” —Lamentations 3:23

How do you know the Bible is the Word of God?

All the authors of the Bible write about one theme: God’s redemption of mankind.

The Bible is true because it gives the experience it claims it will give you.

The Bible is true because it is confirmed by science.

It was the Bible that first said that the number of stars were innumerable.

The objective of the Bible is not to tell us how the heavens go, but how to go to Heaven and how to know God.

The Bible is true because it is the one book that dares to predict the future.

The Word of God transforms us.

It’s not enough to read and study God’s Word; we must do it!

The Bible is God’s Word to us, and it should be treasured.

The Word of God gives us incredible wisdom.

The word simple comes from a root word that speaks of an open door.

What if you don’t agree with what the Bible says?

Answer: Change your opinion because you are wrong, and the Bible is right.

The Word of God is right.

Keeping the Word of God makes you happy.

“Happy are those that hear the Word of God and keep it.” —Luke 11:28

You can have a happy life without sin.

The Bible tells us how to get to Heaven.

Scripture Referenced

  • Matthew 7:24–25
  • Psalm 1:2
  • Psalm 119:159–160
  • 1 Peter 2:2
  • 2 Peter 1:20–21
  • Isaiah 51:13
  • Genesis 22:17
  • James 1:22–25
  • Psalm 119:11

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Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California and ... You've got questions; A New Beginning has biblical answers.
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