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Tag: Caleb Morgan

What You Think You Want – Daily Devotion

Amos 8:11 Have you ever wished for something, only to find out it wasn’t what you wanted after all? The same can be said for...

The Christlike Thing to Do – Daily Devotion

Exodus 23:4 Doing the right thing sometimes takes effort, even if it’s something simple like putting a shopping cart back in its corral. Whether big...

Living a Duct Tape Life – Daily Devotion

Revelation 21:1 Many of us have a “duct tape” mentality in life where we patch up our issues as best as possible and then proceed...

Our Home, for Now – Daily Devotion

Genesis 2:15 tells the story of how God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden so he could take care of this new creation....

Jesus Can Relate – Daily Devotion

Hebrews 4:15 The Bible tells us that Jesus was tempted towards sin in every way. At times it may be hard to imagine that Jesus...
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Life Isn’t Fair, But God Is Good!

Everyone knows from experience that life isn’t fair. Often, our best efforts and purest intentions are met with roadblocks and failure. But today on...

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The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/12/21.

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