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Tag: Childlike Faith

Like a Little Child – Daily Devotion

In Luke 18, it says that children were gathered around Jesus when He said something remarkable: “The kingdom of God belongs to such as...

Be a Kid Again! – Daily Devotion

Luke 18:16–17 What does it mean when Jesus says we should be like little children to enter the kingdom of God? Childhood is so far...

He Will Catch You – Daily Devotion

Proverbs 3:5 . Children put an immense amount of trust in their parents, and they do so with confidence because they believe in the strength and...

Embracing Childlike Faith as a Mom – Erin Hawley

Young mom Erin Hawley shares about the transition from full-time career to more time spent being a mom. She shares some of the spiritual...
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Bible Wonders with The Christian Car Guy

Reversing Irreversible Consequences

To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/222/29 Even when the consequences of your mistakes seem irreversible, it’s still not time to give up hope. But...

“Why Don’t You Ask Him?” (Part 1 of 2)

Normally, we think of dress-up as kids’ play—but in the New Testament, we find a group of Pharisees engaging in a religious version of this game. Find out how they responded when a blind man dressed them down. That’s on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.