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Christmas in Genesis – Daily Devotion

Genesis 3:15 Would you consider yourself a planner? Recently, super planners have started preparing for Christmas in June! You could say they’re “on top of...

I Love You, 7 Billion! – Daily Devotion

Psalm 24:1 It can be hard to love one person. Can you imagine loving seven billion people, let alone knowing their names? There is a...

If Trees Could Talk . . . Daily Devotion

Psalm 96:11–12 Talking trees sounds crazy, right? But did you know that trees actually “speak” to us? All of creation speaks and points back to...

Love the Way God Loves – Daily Devotion

Genesis 1:28 Many of us find joy in caring for children, older generations, pets, or nature. When we do so, we are putting into practice...

Our Home, for Now – Daily Devotion

Genesis 2:15 tells the story of how God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden so he could take care of this new creation....

God is Easy to Spot – Daily Devotion

Romans 1:20 Like the wind, God is invisible to our eyes. Yet we know He exists by feeling His presence and witnessing His creation within...

10-Year-Old Caller: How Was God Created?

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A Beautiful World – Daily Devotion

Job 12:7–10. When we have a lot going on in life, we can easily get overwhelmed. Going out into God’s creation and experiencing its wonder...

Fearfully And Wonderfully (Part 2) (Audio Bible Study) on Discover the Word

Author Philip Yancey continues the conversation, "Fearfully And Wonderfully", this week on Discover the Word! Miss a day or two? You can catch up...

Fearfully And Wonderfully (Audio Bible Study) on Discover the Word

Award-winning author Philip Yancey says that Dr. Paul Brand has influenced him personally and spiritually more than any single person. The books they wrote...
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