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Tag: Darren Youngstrom

Dumb Arguments – Daily Devotion

2 Timothy 2:23 Have you ever witnessed or been part of a foolish argument? Chances are we all have, and they rarely lead us anywhere...

Call Me By My Name – Daily Devotion

John 15:13–15 When we address the Savior of the world, we call Him by His first name—Jesus. This means that He considers us His friends....

What's in a Name? – Daily Devotion

Acts 4:12 We seek to achieve many “names” or ways to be noticed in our lives. We strive for success, wealth, status, or beauty, just...

Changing the Meaning – Daily Devotion

Matthew 18:20 Instead of making Scripture conform to our lives, we must conform our lives to the true meaning of Scripture. God’s Word stands clear...

Show Me Your Glory! – Daily Devotion

In Exodus 33, Moses fears his ability to lead his people through the wilderness. Have you ever doubted your capabilities? Watch today’s video and...

What's Your Personality Type? – Daily Devotion

Have you noticed the astonishing number of resources there are to help us understand our personality types? While understanding ourselves and others through these...
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