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Never Give Up | Our Daily Bread Devotional

Helping you connect with God. Every day. Every way. Read along with today’s devotional: https://odb.org Want to get Our...

My Utmost for His Highest: The Legacy of Oswald and Biddy Chambers

Oswald Chambers’ devotional "My Utmost for His Highest" is foundational in the spiritual lives of millions around the world. However, few know the story...

Psalm 23: A Devotional Short Film

Psalm 23. It recounts the wonderful truths of our comforting, providing God. When we are in a dry wilderness or dark valley, He gently...

2-Minute Daily Video Devotionals

You want to spend more time with God—you’re just not sure if you have more time. Here’s great news: Our Daily Bread is now...

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The narrow gate is Jesus Himself, and through Him we gain eternal life.#Devotional https://t.co/x3tYgNDMmA https://t.co/KnivT1usCd Tweet by In Touch Ministries

InTouch Ministries Tweets

God doesn't promise to get rid of our troubles, but He does promise us peace when we ask Him for it. #Devotional https://t.co/TLxZM5ctLO https://t.co/llfApJ86OK Tweet...

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God's kingdom is already present, but it will be fully realized one day when Christ returns. #Devotional https://t.co/kFSABgxIoL https://t.co/XWvhBMANvN Tweet by In Touch Ministries

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The best thing we can do in times of trouble is pause for prayer and wait on the Lord. #Devotional https://t.co/8IvnETvi4a https://t.co/XEjjmuhOty Tweet by In...

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Developing a tender heart requires a discipline of choosing God's desires. #Devotional https://t.co/zy9gvPY2sY https://t.co/MZnDRj2oWp Tweet by In Touch Ministries

InTouch Ministries Tweets

Sharing the good news means giving people the opportunity to know God. #Devotional https://t.co/4IwewB4Czm https://t.co/J4f9bRFg4v Tweet by In Touch Ministries
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