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The Power of Love Defeats Fear | 1 John 4:18 | Our Daily Bread Video

Where do you turn when you’re scared? People can bring temporary comfort, but eventually our fears return. There is a place where fear can’t...

For the Love of Toilet Paper – Daily Devotion

John 13:34–35 A few months back it was nearly impossible to find toilet paper. And if you had a favorite brand, you could forget about...

Have Faith!

Dr. Brown speaking at 420 Fire Support AskDrBrown on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AskDrBrown

Nervous About Coronavirus? – Daily Devotion

Psalm 56:3 We all experience fear, especially when something like the coronavirus spreads around the world. But when we are afraid, we can find hope...

Help Your Young Adult Be Brave – Sadie Robertson

For Sadie Robertson, fear and anxiety felt like a disease with no cure. She struggled with phobias and extreme worry as she grew up,...

Fighting Fear with Faith – Alli Worthington

You can fight fear, wrestle worry and overcome anxiety. Jim Daly & John Fuller talk with Alli Worthington author of Fierce Faith about how...

Hope for Parents of Premature Babies – Kayla Aimee

God will meet you in the midst of your pain. In this one day Focus on the Family broadcast, Jim Daly and John Fuller...

Dads Share Their Biggest Parenting Fails – Part 2

Disney World is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth...so why did Joe not want to be there?

Calming Your Fears

From being afraid of heights to spiders to enclosed spaces, we all face different fears. In this one day broadcast, Deborah Pegues compares fear...

What Do I Do If My Spouse Was Abused? – Erin Smalley

A history of sexual abuse is a hard truth to bring to the light. Your spouse may be tempted to keep it a secret...
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