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Christmas in Genesis – Daily Devotion

Genesis 3:15 Would you consider yourself a planner? Recently, super planners have started preparing for Christmas in June! You could say they’re “on top of...

Is God Genderless?

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Waiting on God’s Timing – Daily Devotion

Genesis 21:6–7. What is one thing that can turn our pain into joy? A God who keeps His promises towards us. In Genesis, we read...

Created with Purpose – Daily Devotion

Genesis 1:1 . Have you ever considered how unique each one of us is? God created the world and all that it contains. People are set...

A Sacred Calling – Daily Devotion

Genesis 2:15. So much of our time is spent at work. Over the course of a typical lifetime, a person can spend 80,000 hours working!...

The Beauty of Thorns – Daily Devotion

Genesis 3:18. Thorns are usually associated with pain, and rightfully so. But the beauty of thorns is found in the crown Jesus wore for our...

Ep. 4: The Holy Land | Abraham: The Judean Hill Country & the Tomb of the Patriarchs

In episode 4, start your journey in Israel’s rugged Judean hill country, where life during the time of Abraham was about survival for the...

Why Im Not Dogmatic on the Creation Account

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Why Read the Boring Parts of the Bible?

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Will the Nephilim Return?

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The Theology of Work

“Tear down the monuments!” is what the protesters now shout. When George Floyd was murdered it was the final straw that has led to a long month of protests and with it, the country is once again grappling with the age-old problems of racism,