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Tag: God’s goodness

Nature Sings His Glory – Daily Devotion

Psalm 69:34 The world testifies to God’s goodness even when everything seems to be going wrong in our lives. The beauty of nature and creation...

Session 3: DELIGHT | Cling | Bible Study by Kim Cash Tate

Ephesians 1 talks about God's heart, His plans, and His sovereignty and God's goodness leaps from the pages. In session three, author Kim Cash...

God’s Plan – Daily Devotion

Genesis 50:20 . Making decisions can be nerve-racking and difficult. But including God in your decisions can reduce anxiety and fear because you know that He...

Lasting Joy – Daily Devotion

Psalm 47:1, 7–8. Do you ever find yourself marveling at the beauty of God’s creation? Joy can be felt when experiencing the majesty of His...
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Keeping Your Conscience Clear Part 1

Maintaining a clear conscience is not what the devil has in mind for the children of God. He tells lies in order to return us to the bondage of a defiled conscience. How can we combat those lies and walk in victory? Click here to listen (Duration 2

The Psalms Bring Us Hope And Encouragement

On rare occasions, life can be smooth and easy. But more often than not, the storms of life seem to keep crashing in with...

Shake and Shine!, Part 2

The King's Arrival: A Study of Matthew 1‑7: A Signature Series