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Tag: God’s strength

Like a Little Child – Daily Devotion

In Luke 18, it says that children were gathered around Jesus when He said something remarkable: “The kingdom of God belongs to such as...

Jesus Can Relate – Daily Devotion

Hebrews 4:15 The Bible tells us that Jesus was tempted towards sin in every way. At times it may be hard to imagine that Jesus...

Anchored in Truth – Daily Devotion

Proverbs 30:5 Do you ever feel as if you don’t measure up? That you aren’t worthy, capable, or enough? Today’s video is a reminder that...

God's Strength in Our Shortcomings – Daily Devotion

Exodus 3:11 Moses feared he didn’t have what it would take to do the big things God was asking of him. Sound familiar? Watch the...

A Desperate Need for God – Daily Devotion

There are countless ways to worship God, such as through song, dance, and offerings. But Psalm 71:7–8 reminds us that we can get at...

Making Wise Decisions – Daily Devotion

1 Chronicles 16:11. Illnesses, unemployment, accidents—these things can strike so randomly and leave us weary. But we haven’t been left alone to face them in...
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