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Tag: Jenna Carver

Rebuild and Restore – Daily Devotion

Ezra 3:11 Have you ever wished you could start over? At some point in our lives, many of us will face a situation where starting...

Love the Way God Loves – Daily Devotion

Genesis 1:28 Many of us find joy in caring for children, older generations, pets, or nature. When we do so, we are putting into practice...

He Remains Steadfast – Daily Devotion

2 Timothy 2:13 We make mistakes, disappoint ourselves and others, and face change throughout our lives. But there is one person who never changes and...
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Sunday Message: What the Resurrection of Jesus Means to You

When the disciples saw their Lord crucified on the cross, their hopes and dreams were dashed. But where they saw an ending, God brought...

Experience TRUTH – Episode #17

Jesus Cleanses the Temple