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🤝 Stand with us: https://bit.ly/2JDOSZI You often hear that the Bible we have today is the translation of translations of copies of copies, so that...

How Did the Church Get Cut Off From Its Jewish Roots?

For more 'Consider This' videos, go to: https://askdrbrown.org/considerthis

Laura Loomer Confronts the ADL

Dr. Brown interviews conservative Jewish firebrand Laura Loomer of Rebel Media about confronting the Anti-Defamation League on their bias against conservatives.

Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? (Debate)

Debate Rabbi Daniel Freitag and Dr. Michael Brown debate: Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? at Kennesaw State University, March 23, 2017 Following the debate...
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Self-Insuring Long Term Care

Most clients who come to us saying they are self insured for long term care - but do you really know what this means? Hans goes over what being properly self insured for long term care actually entails!