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He Knows My Story – Daily Devotion

Psalm 62. Each of us are living a story where the plot contains twists and turns. We don’t know what the next chapter might hold,...

Where Is Freedom Found? – Daily Devotion

Psalm 119:45. Have you ever felt like you’re on a balance beam in your relationship with God? Do you feel like you’re on the edge...

Trust – Daily Devotion

Psalm 56:3–4 Have you ever been lied about or wrongly accused of something you didn’t do? It can be easy to retaliate, defend yourself, and...

The Beauty of Aging – Daily Devotion

Psalm 92:14 Do you feel like getting older is slowing you down? Does aging seem like a scary thought? Join Our Daily Bread author Elisa...

Freedom In The Law – Daily Devotion

Can a law really bring freedom? God’s law is perfect; and when we follow it the way He intended, it really does bring us...
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How To Correctly Approach Scripture

We all know Jesus wasn’t a 21st-century American, yet, we often read the Bible with cultural assumptions that make us think He was! Today...

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The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/04/21.

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