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What is True Freedom? – Daily Devotion

Romans 6:22 What does it mean to be free? The world invites us to live a carefree life that is often wrapped in the bondage...

Saved in Every Way – Daily Devotion

Romans 12. Your relationship with Jesus doesn’t begin and end with salvation. There is so much more! God wants us to know that salvation is...

Set Your Mind – Daily Devotion

Romans 8:5. Christians are called to live with their minds set not on the things of the world but on the things of God. What...

New Life in Christ – Daily Devotion

Romans 12:2. Does your life reflect your relationship with Christ? So many things influence and shape us, including our environment, belief systems, and the people...

How to Overcome Sin (With Greg Laurie)

How to Overcome Sin (With Greg Laurie) takes a message from Romans 7 and shows us how to overcome the power of sin in...
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The Eleventh Commandment – Part A

For thousands of years mankind has had God's list of Ten Commandments. Though cultures, languages and lifestyles have changed dramatically since Moses received these words on Mount Sinai, they are surprisingly very applicable to our daily lives in the 21st century.

Skip Heitzig explores in depth each of God's Top Ten and wraps up the series with a discussion on the most famous Eleventh Commandment given by Jesus during His time on earth.

12.04.20 Dr. Brown Tackles Your Most Pressing Questions

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/04/20.

Christmas According to Jesus

Dr. Michael Youssef takes a revealing look at Hebrews chapter ten and how Jesus knew His mission from the beginning.