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For the Love of Toilet Paper – Daily Devotion

John 13:34–35 A few months back it was nearly impossible to find toilet paper. And if you had a favorite brand, you could forget about...

Choosing Faith Over Fear – Daily Devotion

2 Timothy 1:7 Our days can be full of uncertainty and fear. In times where there are many unknowns, God desires for us to respond...

Out of Your Control – Daily Devotion

Isaiah 40:17 In the hands of a loving and benevolent God, His ultimate sovereignty is something every Christian can rest in. We can know for...

Hunting for Easter Eggs – Daily Devotion

Genesis 3:15 Have you ever noticed that God points toward Jesus as His redemptive plan for the world right at the beginning of the Bible?...

Blessed to Be a Blessing – Daily Devotion

First Peter 4:10 demonstrates that it is better to give than to receive. What exactly does this mean when we think of the unique...
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To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/222/29 When our lives are over, it’s up to our children to carry on our name. But in this...

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