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Tag: The Lord's Prayer

The Gift of Prayer | Matthew 7:11 | Our Daily Bread Video Devotional

Did you know prayer is a gift? Like most gifts, you have to open it to find out what’s inside. Watch today’s video to...

The True Meaning Of The Lords Prayer (My Two Cents)

Prayer is the privilege of communing with God, and petitioning Him for our needs. But Pastor Greg Laurie says we can all learn from...

ALL About The Lords Prayer (With Greg Laurie)

We are taught by Jesus that we are to pray to our Father in heaven. Some of us have awesome dads—loving and nurturing and...

Jesus' Thanksgiving Masterclass – Daily Devotion

Matthew 6:9 Pinterest, pumpkin pie, and the #perfectturkey. Today’s the day! Whether you’re having the traditional Thanksgiving or doing something a little more pandemic-friendly, there...

Consumed with Worry? – Daily Devotion

Matthew 6:11 Worry can sneak into our minds easily, especially when we think about the future. Thankfully, God provides our everyday needs and invites us...

Does God Forgive Unforgiveness?

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Honest Prayer – Daily Devotion

Prayer. There are so many different ways to do it. You can pray in a group or alone. You can pray with Jesus’ very...

How to and How Not to Pray

Pastor Greg gives reasons why many do not pray and the blessings of when we do pray. Prayers are made to be spoken daily...

The Lord's Prayer

Worldview Series :: Matthew 6
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