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When Worry Comes – Daily Devotion

1 Peter 5:7 . For those of us who worry, the advice to “just stop worrying” isn’t very helpful. Fortunately, that’s not the advice Scripture gives....

He Will Catch You – Daily Devotion

Proverbs 3:5 . Children put an immense amount of trust in their parents, and they do so with confidence because they believe in the strength and...

He Knows My Story – Daily Devotion

Psalm 62. Each of us are living a story where the plot contains twists and turns. We don’t know what the next chapter might hold,...

Ep. 7: The Holy Land | Gideon’s Spring: An Epic Battle

In episode 7, join a water fight at Gideon's Spring where local families enjoy the refreshing water. It was here that Gideon and his...
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Forgive One Another

To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/222/29 It’s easy to talk about forgiveness when someone does something to annoy or insult you. But when you’re...

Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 5

Bible Wonders wih The Christian Car Guy

Warning against Adultery (Part 2 of 2)

While sin may appear attractive, it comes at a high cost. The book of Proverbs cautions against falling prey to its allure. So how can we stay faithful to God and committed in marriage? Find out when you join us on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg. List