Tags What is faith?

Tag: What is faith?

Where God Calls, I’ll Go! | Joshua 1:5 | Our Daily Bread Video Devotional

Do you ever feel unprepared, unqualified, or overwhelmed by something God calls you to do? It’s one thing to “feel the fear,” it’s another...

Press into Fear | Joshua 1:9 | Our Daily Bread Video Devotional

What has God called you to do? Does it scare you? Fear is a normal reaction to new things—even when God calls you to...

How To Get Stronger In Your Faith (My Two Cents)

We have to go through times of testing to be built up spiritually. Testing and trials are God’s gym in which we are broken...

Faith Is About . . . | Hebrews 11 | Our Daily Bread Video Devotional

Are you waiting on something to be fulfilled? Our faith can fade during the wait. But when we put our trust in God, our...

You Want Me to Do What? – Daily Devotion

Acts 8:26–40 Are you comfortable with change? Sometimes changes happen quickly and drastically when we are unprepared, as with COVID-19. It can be the same...

Faith 101 (With Greg Laurie)

Thank you for watching, tune in live here on YouTube every Sunday and Thursday for more messages of hope and encouragement from Pastor Greg...

How to Activate God's Power in Your Life

Faith activates God's power in your life. God's best for you is waiting: https://bit.ly/2FFqXog ▶ Do you know Jesus as your Savior? https://tonyevans.org/know-jesus-christ/ ▶ Stream Sermons: https://tonyevans.org/podcast/ ▶▶...

TrueU #1: Does God Exist?

From Focus on the Family and the creators of The Truth Project, TrueU: Does God Exist? helps to separate fact from fiction to prove...
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