Home Video “The God Who Loves and Forgives” #HarvestSoCal

“The God Who Loves and Forgives” #HarvestSoCal

Pastor Greg Laurie’s Friday message from the 2014 #HarvestSoCal.

Perhaps you have a heavy load of guilt. You have done things you are deeply ashamed of. Sins that keep you up at night. Right now, it’s like a weight on your shoulders. You’ve tried to pretend it doesn’t exist and bury it. But that doesn’t work, does it? That guilt is still alive. Know this: denying guilt doesn’t deal with it. You have tried to drink it away or talk yourself out of being guilty, but it remains. You have tried to minimize it, saying, “it’s no big deal!” But you know it is.

I have good news. Sometimes feeling bad can be good!
Jesus said, ”blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Or another way to put it, ”happy are the unhappy, for they shall be happy.” If you feel bad about something wrong you’ve done, that’s GOOD! It means your conscience is working!

You can register a decision to follow Jesus Christ at www.knowgod.org.

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