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The Real Jewish Messiah: Dr. Brown Debates Rabbi Blumenthal (Part 1 of 3)

This is the first of three videos; part two will contain Dr. Brown’s rebuttal to Rabbi Blumenthal’s presentation; part three will contain Dr. Brown’s response to Rabbi Blumenthal’s rebuttal. For Rabbi Blumenthal’s presentation, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02VrhiI22eI&feature=youtu.be For Dr. Brown’s notes to this presentation, go here: https://askdrbrown.org/library/dr-brown-notes-debate-yisroel-blumenthal-real-jewish-messiah

If you are a seeker of truth and want to find out more about Yeshua the Messiah, especially if you are Jewish, we encourage you to visit our Real Messiah website. http://realmessiah.com/index.php/en/. There you will find answers to the principle Jewish objections to Jesus, along with Jewish testimonies of faith in the Messiah, spiritual reflections on the meaning of the Holy Days, and a growing number of videos commenting on the weekly Torah portions as well as reflecting on some relevant Talmudic texts. We also have a free mini-book for you if you are Jewish and have questions about the Messiah.

We also invite you to listen to Dr. Brown’s daily radio show, especially his Thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast when he takes calls on all Jewish-related questions, as well as dialogues with rabbis and traditional Jews who do not believe in Yeshua as our Messiah. http://thelineoffire.org/

Dr Michael Brownhttp://askdrbrown.org/
Join your host, activist, author, international speaker, and biblical scholar, Dr. Michael Brown, as he tackles the controversies, engages the culture, and challenges the status quo. Michael Brown is the Director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of FIRE School of Ministry, and he's taking your calls and answering your questions every week on the Line of Fire.
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